Our Core Values

Solidly Biblical

Outdoorsmen church is founded on the inspired word of God, His word will not be watered down, or influenced by the culture, but it will be relevant to the culture. Our system, teachings, activities and discipleship process must line up with the word of God first and foremost. God’s word needs to be the priority in all we do, it holds the ‘how-tos’ of life and teaches us how to know him in a deeper way.

Culturally Relevant

In Acts, Paul says that God determined the place and time of all people, this is their culture. He did this so that they would reach out to Him. If God put us in this culture to reach out to him, then we need to use that for his kingdom. We break down the walls that prevent those in the culture from seeking Christ and intentionally build bridges with the lost in the community.

Genuine Relationships

We believe that genuine relationships are best formed through a relational ministry model emphasis. We have found this to be highly effective in building bridges with the unchurched and helping people progress to their next step in their spiritual journey.


Empowering people

We strongly believe in raising and equipping others to carry out the ministry. We want our leadership to focus their time on investing and developing potential leaders through relational discipleship. Our goal is that our leaders not ‘own’ a ministry area, but are passionate about giving away ministry – allowing others to partner in the journey.