Peter Zipp  –  Pastor Shepherd
Peter Zipp is the Lead Pastor of Outdoorsmen Church. His wife, Johanna, is the co-worship leader. Peter and Johanna were born and raised in Texas and have been married since 1993. They have three adult sons.
You can contact him by calling the church number 406-626-4168, or by emailing him at
Michael Houlihan  –  Elder
They have been a part of Outdoorsmen Church for 16 years. Michael is an Elder. Kim is the church Secretary and Clerk.
In his spare time, Michael enjoys wood carving, and Kim enjoys photography.
Jeff Howe  –  Elder
Married since 2009, Jeff and Sherri have been attending Outdoorsmen Church since 2007. Sherri has enjoyed serving on the church’s worship team through music by playing the piano and singing since 2013. Jeff has served in the church as an advisor and was honored to have recently been voted in as an Elder. In their free time, Sherri and Jeff enjoy spending time with their children and grandchildren and enjoying the great, beautiful outdoors, camping, floating the river, and fishing.
Tim Glessner  –  Deacon
Steve Gaston  –  Deacon
We have been married since 1986 I am a retiree and Diane works in the Post Office in Superior. We have lived in the area since 1997 and have 4 adult kids, 2 boys and 2 girls, and about a dozen grand kids, and another pending in February 2022.
We enjoy camping and hiking with our littles, and I like any type of shooting. We have been at OC since March of 2017. Diane and I help out in the church as needed or requested.

Frank Compton  –  Deacon
Frank and Beth started coming to the church in the 2011. They have gotten more and more active as leaders and have grown in their faith. They have trusted in Jesus as he has led them into leading the youth and children’s programs at The Outdoorsmen Church. Together they work hard to create unique and uplifting events and activities that the children love and God has blessed their faith with a fantastic group of kids that is growing and excited to learn about Jesus.