Ice Fishing

January 1st: ManUp! The annual ice fishing trip will be on January 1st, New Year’s Day, meeting at Georgetown Lake at Sunny Side at daybreak.  Come spend the day with us!


Candlelighting Service

December 20th: Please join us for our annual Candle Lighting service Wednesday, December 20th.  And please bring a dessert to share.There will be no Sunday evening services on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve!


New Service Times

New service schedule has started!!
Sundays @ 6 p.m. at the West Campus (Frenchtown, Pulp Mill Rd)
Wednesdays @ 6:25 p.m. at the West Campus (Frenchtown, Pulp Mill Rd)
Thursdays @ 6 p.m. at the South Campus (Missoula, South Ave)



OC Membership: If you’d like to find out more about membership at Outdoorsmen Church, sign up at the info booth! Someone in our leadership will be happy to sit down with you and share with you what OC is all about!


Youth Guys Laser tag/Girls Sleepover

December 15th: On Friday, December 15th the youth boys will be going to the Hub to play laser tag. Meet at Outdoorsmen West Missoula at 6:30 pm. The cost is $8 and the boys will be back at 9 pm.

On Friday, December 15th through Saturday, December 16th

 the youth girls will be having a slumber party at the Hasenyager’s house. Meet at Outdoorsmen West Missoula at 6:30 pm. The cost is $5, and there will be a white elephant gift exchange as well (price limit of $5). Pick up is 10:30 am at West Missoula. Be sure to bring your swimsuit, stuff to sleep with and whatever else you need to spend the night.


Hope for the Homeless

HOPE Collection:  A message from Christy Milburn: Thank you Outdoorsmen Church for your fantastic donations of winter gear over the last couple of years.  Your donations have helped those that have suddenly become homeless and do not stay at the POV – and also helped those that have had their gear stolen by others.  Each of your donations have been given with prayer to the receiver and has been such a blessing!  To hear their stories and be able to pray with them, give them the Hope of Christ, and also meet their basic needs is huge in their life.  Our stock has now been depleted and we are hoping you will help us again this year with any of the following donations:
sleeping bags
tents with all the pieces
socks (new or gently used) because they use them and throw them away
boots suitable for constant outdoor use
working camp stoves/lanterns….etc.
larger hiking backpacks
Thank you again Outdoorsmen Church for continuing to be the hands, feet and heart of Jesus!

Please place your items to donate in the large box by the tree in the month of December!!